1. yoav

    a great post, very interesting about the mula bandha, i find it very hard to maintain the mula bandha as well as the other bandhas while im doing the primery series, but i believe that through focusing intention to lock the bandhas, comes in time the locking itself.
    i fully agree that the research is crucial to our development in ashtanga, i believe that one must once in a while stop and ask himself is this good for me or bad for me. when knee pain appeared i did some reading and got to the conclusion that my body is not fully ready for the lotus pose and other asanas and that i need to wait until my waist is open enaugh.
    thank you!

  2. 7/8/2013

    […] was fortunate to have lunch with beloved teacher, Tim Feldmann, last week while he was in DC teaching. I was bemoaning perhaps a bit, the special kind of […]

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