just in case you missed it …

just in case you’re one of the four people i know not on Facebook – here’s what you missed …

1.  david garrigues on pain:

DG headshot 2

“being hurt is what actually brings you to place of honesty and realness within yourself brings you to new truths that you would not discover in any other way”

the result?  new body making!  (you’ll have to watch the video to understand)

 not convinced?  read this post from frances (lila blog):  pain coming … pain going.

2.  why faith and good hair have nothing to do with it.  (my latest on elephant journal)

i forget just how powerful that “just do” is.  and that what i think is possible or impossible is irrelevant because if i just do, i will surely and eventually find out.

optimism is nice and faith certainly makes it easier. But the truth of the matter is, I need neither. all I really need is to just keep going.

3.  the ashtanga police, they live inside of her head.

a real gem written by a good friend who has decided to enjoy her ashtanga practice rather than approach it from a sense of duty.

4.  “I say bring on the fire, let’s burn this stale, safe, known, fearful place to the ground.” David Garrigues

bring it!

5.  beyonce lip synced.  

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