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If you look, you can see how my calves and quads engage - tightening the psoas as well - while the thighs remain almost inert.

Checking for Blind Spots

Not to brag, but my bed here in Montana is so comfy – almost too comfy. Because every morning I have a …

Illustration by Boonchu Tanti.  Find more of his works at:

Guru Purnima

Today is the first full moon of July.  It marks the lunar birthday of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the father of Ashtanga yoga, a …

The Hips A-line-ment

If there’s a holy grail in the Ashtanga yoga practice, it must a long central axis (or spine, for reference) and rooted pelvis, for …

Ashtanga Dispatch

A Seat of One Kind or Another

Executing postures is something I’m actually quite good at achieving.  In fact, I can be pretty darn creative at accomplishing almost anything I …

Michael Joel Hall on Fox News Morning Show

Ashtanga Dispatch on Fox News?

THIS …  with Michael Joel Hall: And THIS … from Michael Joel Hall, which I thought was such a great description of …

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